Gibson City, Illinois


Where do I begin? Situated north of the mighty Sangamon River at the convergence of a few county roads lies Gibson City. Never heard of it? According to TripAdvisor, the top attraction in Gibson City is the drive-in movie theater. There's also a McDonald's that ranks highly among Gibson City's eating establishments. But, this post is not dedicated to this town's take on the Big Mac. We're here to discuss the Bayern Stube. "Bayern Stube" loosely translates to "Best Darn Bavarian Food Around". Yep, it's tasty! Avoid the sticker shock from Lufthansa. Travel to Gibson City instead.

What makes the Bayern Stube great is not necessarily the hearty fare, but the details. As you approach from North Sangamon Avenue, it's almost as if Gibson City is being transformed into the Marienplatz. And this feeling occurs before ordering a beer! Once you step in, welcome to Heaven! The aroma hits you first. Then, it's the decorations. Once you're seated, let your arteries brace themselves. Loosen your belt and have the antacid ready. Order a beer. I suggest the radler. Dig into the menu. Order a pretzel. Pick an entree— it's all good. Eat the pretzel. Order another beer. Eat as much of the entree as possible. Struggling to keep up? Don't worry. Your waitress will be back with the dessert tray. I suggest the carrot cake. Pay the bill. Now for the moment of truth. Can you exit this sacred place without toppling over? Once back on Marienplatz, as you approach your vehicle, Gibson City will return. Let your significant other do the driving. You need a nap!