Modeling Ductile Fracture



This is a paper published in the International Journal of Fracture about my team's participation in the Second Sandia Fracture Challenge. For more information about this challenge, please check out the lead article.

Modeling Microcrack Nucleation in LSHR



This paper, published in MSMSE, details characterizing/modelling microcrack nucleation in a Ni-based superalloy.

Digital Twin


This paper, published in the International Journal of Aerospace Engineering, explores the "as-manufactured" component of Digital Twin in the backdrop of the First Sandia Fracture Challenge.

Cohesive Zone Modeling


Published in Engineering Fracture Mechanics, this paper details the implementation of the 3D PPR cohesive zone model (in ABAQUS and FEAWD) and validates its performance against several standardized tests.



  • Modeling Crack Nucleation at Coherent Twin Boundaries in Nickel-Based Superalloys
  • Characterizing and Simulating Fatigue Cracking Mechanisms in LSHR
  • Modeling the Micromechanical Failure Processes of LSHR
  • Micromechanical Modeling of Rene88DT: From Characterization to Simulation
  • Grain Boundary Decohesion and Particle-Matrix Debonding in Aluminum Alloy 7075-T651 using the PPR Potential-Based Cohesive Zone Model
  • Modeling Microstructure Small Fatigue Cracking Processes in an Aluminum Alloy with the PPR Cohesive Zone Model